You Do Christ- Loving Christ More Than Ourselves

The phrase, "You do you", has become very popular in our self focused society. As Christians, shouldn't we be desiring to be more like Christ?

Hello! How goes it, Adventurers??

I’m so excited to be back blogging!!

After Hurricane Harvey, there’s been A TON of work to do. So the blog became secondary to other people’s needs.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for me and my family going through that “biblical” storm. We didn’t lose anything in the flood! God is good.

So I’m back now with renewed motivation and excitement for my little corner of the interwebs!

Today I’m talking about something I’ve been thinking a lot about… it’s another phrase that I’m guilty of using.

Not sure “guilty” is the right word… But I have used this phrase before. I don’t think this phrase is wrong to use, I just think we ought to evaluate our use of it.

“You do you.”

I always thought it sounded very uplifting, kinda… in the way that it means, “be yourself”. That’s a good thing, being yourself and not trying to be like everyone else.

But every time I use this phrase, I get a feeling deep down that it’s not really a “biblical” saying. Maybe it’s not something we should aim to do, embracing ourselves so much.

Ya catch my drift?

Don’t get me wrong! Yes we should love who God created us to be. Yes we should have self-esteem in Christ. Yes we shouldn’t try to be like the world. Yes, yes, yes. All good things, all good things.

But this world likes to put a strong emphasis on ME. “Follow your heart” and “you’re perfect just the way you are”, are some examples where I believe self-esteem is taken too far.

The truth is we aren’t perfect the way we are! We need to grow and become more like Christ. This phrase condemns change, growth, and progress (Progress can be used in a conservative setting too!). If you’re perfect just the way you are, why ever better yourself, learn, or follow Christ?

What need does a healthy person have of a Physician?

The bible says our heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, yet we are told by our culture to follow it? Who are we believing here? Culture or Christ?

We are surrounded with the idea that we need to love ourselves. It’s to the point where people practically worship themselves and don’t grow or care to be anything other than what they think they are or what they’re told they are.

The Fat Acceptance Movement is a good example of this. They don’t want you to work on your health or growing stronger. They want you to stay overweight and be happy about it.

Overweight people deserve the same happiness as “in shape” people because they are just that, people! But NOT at the expense of their health. Everyone should be working to be the best they can be with God’s help and guidance.

Not sitting around glorifying their current conditions.

Right now I don’t have a super strong, dogmatic opinion on this phrase, “You do you”, but I do think it’s time that we evaluate what our culture is telling us. Maybe, as Christians, we should change the phrase to,

“You do Christ.”

After all, isn’t that who we’re aiming to be like?

The point of this post ISN’T to tell you to stop using the phrase “You do you”, but rather to help all of us remember that we should be looking to Christ to make us better versions of ourselves everyday! He created us to be special and beautiful, His favorite creation. The way that we do that is by looking at His example and praying that God would help us to integrate His principles into our daily lives so that we can learn, flourish, and grow.

I’m not content with my spiritual walk, are you? I want to grow closer to being like Christ everyday.

Seek Adventure!
Ashley Tackett


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2 thoughts on “You Do Christ- Loving Christ More Than Ourselves

  1. Wow – this is SO GOOD. I’ve said to my (young adult) kids a few times that I think the statement “You do you” is anti-gospel. Kidding, but not really, because of exactly the points you made here. Thank you – sharing to my FB page!


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