The Sky Isn’t Falling

The Sky Isn't Falling! Adventures at Wal-Mart. Do you ever get stressed? Yeah! Read about my stressful week and how God brought me through it without hurting anyone! ;)

You guys… I am so done this week.

I’m sick, I’m emotional, I’m tired, another chicken died, the eclipse was cramping my style, and I’m trying to work on my character flaws, all while trying to write this blog, cook for my family, shop for my family, pretend I have a social life, cancel the social life, and find time for a nap.

The illusive nap.

I’ve failed again with sending out the email for What You Want Wednesdays. I’ve raised my voice. I’ve cried an embarrassing amount of times in one day. I’ve not posted regularly because I’ve become so busy. My hair needs some serious attention. My car is broken again.

And I’m sun burned. Baaaadly.

The point of saying all this, is that I’M NOT PERFECT. I can’t barely handle life right now, but God gives me the strength and what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right?

I’m the definition of a hot mess.

Monday, or Eclipse 2017 day, I went to Wal-Mart with Chloe and one of my many brothers. Good old Wally World. Don’t look at the sun Ashley… Or anything metal that may reflect the sun, like your car or your shopping cart… Hooray, so exciting is the chance of going blind.

Anyways, here I am BACK at my second home, Wally World. I’m literally at Wal-Mart so often that I’ve made friends with the check out people. We don’t live in a small town, so for them to recognize me speaks for itself. This is good for witnessing!

Anyways, I got what I needed and we set out to the check out line.

After standing in line for a reasonable amount of time, we proceed to load our items onto the conveyor belt with a well-thought-out strategy and Tetris-like precision.

I have quite a few items. Not as many as normal, but quite a few.

The lady slowly checks us out and we get about 3/4 the way through loading the cart back up. I reach for my wallet to get out the card. Open the wallet up….

Say it isn’t so…..

That little piece of plastic with my mother’s name on it that buys my family food to live on… it’s not there.

No biggie! I’ll just use my card and she can transfer the money back. It’s all good!

*ominous music*
*digs through wallet*
*tries not to have a heart attack*

Guess what, Reader…  That one is missing too.

Standing behind me, are the faces of Wal-Mart goers that have 0 patience for anything. It’s like Walmart turns us into zombies that are only concerned with getting food and getting out.

Not nice faces to start with, but once they sense a disturbance in the check out routine…. The irritation of them having to be at Wal-Mart is now directed at me.

Hehe… oops?

So now I turn to my brother,

Me: “Yo, you got money?”
Bro: “No, I don’t even have my wallet.”
Me: “Why is my card AND Mom’s card missing???”
Bro: “Oops… I borrowed both of them…. remember? I think our other brother has it…”

Pray for me, Adventurers…. Pray for patience and self-control not to punch any of my siblings for being dumb… That’s not very Christian…

So basically, at this point, I have to address the cashier about it. EMBARRASSING.

I told her the sitch and she said she had to suspend the transaction and I had to go back through the line and start over.

Key words I heard: START OVER.

Okay, yeah, that makes sense. So I call my other brother and tell him all about my problem and how he has my solution to the problem that he was supposed to return the day before…

I’m trying not to lose my patience. We’re trying to go to Galveston after the sun stops its blinding party and I really need to get home to help my mom finish packing and getting the Littles ready.

I don’t have much time for starting over. But nevertheless, here we are, and we’re rolling with it.

So Chloe and I then begin to un-bag everything back in the line because we’re about to have to re-scan everything and start over.

Or so I thought. Ha. Ha.

Finally my bro shows up with the magic rectangles and we pull back up in line as the last customers before the lane closes, thanks to the checkout lady for waiting on us.

We start to load everything back onto the conveyor belt, when the check out lady says, “Where are your bags?”

Me: “Uhhh we took the stuff out of them.”
Check out lady “Why did you do that??”
Me: “because we’re starting over….?”
Check out lady: ” I told you not to, that’s what suspend means. You keep the bags. Where did you put them??”
Me trying not to cry: “We threw them away because you told me I had to start over. No one told me to keep them.”
Check out lady: “No, I told you I suspended it which means you keep your bags.”

At this point I’m so over it. Suspend transaction=keep your bags??? What?

She just looked at me, laughing, like it all made perfect sense and I should’ve known. Meanwhile I’m trying not to lose my cool with this lady who isn’t making any sense and is laughing at me. I usually have money to pay like a responsible adult. I’ve never done this suspension thing!

Finally I just laughed and said, “I don’t need any bags, they’re killing the planet anyways.” To which the cashier laughed and apologized for being unclear.

Then I paid, got my receipt, shielded my eyes from the murderous sun, and left.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes this week. A LOT.

But I know I’m not perfect and I’ll know next time how to handle the situation if ever I don’t have money at the check out line again. God is testing my patience, I suppose.

All’s well that ends well, right?

Isaiah 26:3 KJV “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth thee.”

It’s not the end of the world, Chicken Little.

The sky isn’t falling.

Seek Adventure,
Ashley Tackett


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