Cinnamon Rolls, Snap Chat Filters, And Foreign Face Masks

Sometimes, I just need a girls night.

A time where I don’t have to listen to the purring of video game engines, toy cars and trucks drifting around the living room, and conversation about spark plugs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good radiator sob story, but sometimes I just want to be around my own gender and do girly things that my brothers won’t do with me.

I still can’t grasp why they don’t want their nails painted…..

I didn’t use to be this way- in dire need of female companionship. I was a tomboy of tomboys, raised with only brothers. Football instead of fairies… pirates instead of princesses… I was basically just another one of the guys. I liked it that way.

But alas, all has changed in my old age. I paint my nails, I actually brush my hair, I wear skirts now (but I still love my blue jeans!), I wear perfume sometimes… I’ve grown up.

Recently, I got to go on a girl’s night with two ladies that I’ve known my entire life.

Bobbie and Lillie Armstrong. My girls, my peeps, my sisters.

Bobbie is my mom’s best friend from school and Lillie is her daughter. These ladies are some of my favorite people in the whole world. We can talk about deep theological topics and we can laugh and talk about stupid stuff. Get you some friends that can do both!

Lillie and I were dying laughing with the Snap Chat filters. Memories….

On our girl’s adventure, we went to Ikea, ate mexican food, talked for hours, and then went to Target. Pretty epic time. Bobbie rented a hotel room and we collectively decided that we were going to try out some facial products that girly people use.

Face masks and pore strips. Riveting, I know. We’re some party animals who cannot be controlled!

So I told Lillie and Bobbie that I had been given some moisturizing face mask thingy’s from a sales lady in a Chinese Wal-Mart in Zhengzhou…. for free…

Let’s take a moment of silence to think about how sketchy that sounds.

The directions were all in Chinese, but it had some picture instructions that we followed. We were just praying to God that our faces wouldn’t break out in hives from some crazy Chinese chemical that, in our imagination, would turn out to be illegal in the US. You never know with Communists…

Did I mention I got these in China??? That was LAST JUNE.

Luckily the packaging had a date on it that said they were good until 2018. So, bold and courageous in the name of beauty, we went for it… against our better judgement.

I was voted to go first, as the guinea pig, since I was the one who brought the sketchy things over the border… If it’s free it’s for me!

These things were NOT cute. They came as a pre-cut sheet of tissue with some questionable slime on it. The eye holes were cut into the shape of a Chinese woman’s eye. Not being racist, it’s just a fact that chinese women have narrower eyes than me.

I have giant white girl eyes. They no fitty fit.

Basically I ended up tearing the eye holes wider for my bowling ball eyes and I sorta kinda managed to get the tissue to line up with my facial features. It was the scariest thing ever…. I looked like a monster! I got some of the slime in my nose, mouth and eyes… It didn’t burn, but it wasn’t pleasant.

Once the coast was clear and I wasn’t poisoned by the secret Chinese slime, Bobbie and Lillie went for it. We were quite a sight to see. I kinda wanted to walk around the hotel like that and scare people… But I exercised self-control.

We kept this thing on for like 20 minutes or something. It was cold and slimy, slipping off our faces and just generally causing us irritation. We held on for the whole 20 minutes and just prayed that God would spare our skin. We had no idea what that slime was doing between the tissue and our face… And we had church the next morning..

Looking back, so many things could’ve gone wrong!

But it was HILARIOUS.

Our faces didn’t break out and they actually felt softer afterwards, so CRISIS AVERTED.

After that we just hung out and ate Ikea cinnamon rolls, watched YouTube videos, and played with snap chat filters that left us dying from laughter.

It was an awesome night. I had some much-needed girl time with ladies that are strong Christians. I adore Bobbie and Lillie! You girls rock and we need to do it more often!

You don’t need alcohol, clubbing, or fine dining to have an awesome girl’s night.

All you need is cinnamon rolls, Snap Chat filters, and some sketchy Chinese face masks.

Seek Adventure!
Ashley Tackett


4 thoughts on “Cinnamon Rolls, Snap Chat Filters, And Foreign Face Masks

  1. First off…it is great to be famous now! Second, I had a blast with you both and loved that you let the ol gal hang with you hip young chicks! Love ya!


  2. Aww loved it lol. It’s good to get out sometimes. I’ve been trying to plan a mommies day out, with absolutely NO KIDS (I feel like the only thing I ever hear nowadays is baby cries) but something always comes up. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading.


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