7 Things I Loved About Being Homeschooled

7 Things I Loved About Being Homeschooled! Have Questions About Homeschooling? Read What I Loved About it!

This one goes out to all the homeschoolers out there. My people.

Homeschool? Home-school? Home school? Let’s go with homeschool, without a space… It still looks wrong…. Whatever. I can blame this on being homeschooled. πŸ˜‰

You know who you are. You know how awesome it was. If, for some reason, your homeschooling experience was less than amazing, you did it wrong!

Today we’re going to talk about 7 glorious things I loved about being homeschooled through high school. I’m so excited!

Unfortunately I’m not one of those people that were homeschooled from birth (like some of my siblings), but I was still homeschooled for high school, so I’m in the club.

I’m getting real tired of writing the word homeschool…. Let me know, in the comments below, how to spell it….


#1. There was way less DRAMA!

If you have ever been to what the public schoolers refer to as “real school”, you know that school is STRESSFUL. The expectation to live up to the status quo is insane and the people there eat drama for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If there’s anything I hated about school, it was the relationship drama.

“Did you hear that Hannah is dating Parker? They’re like so going to get married, I can just tell!”

2 weeks later….

“Did you hear than Hannah dumped Parker? Hannah told me she got fed up with Parker never sitting with her at lunch and she kinda already likes Jason, Parker’s friend, so she thought it would be insensitive to go to Prom with Parker when she’s really into Jason. But Jason likes Leah and asked her to Prom, but Leah hates Jason, so Leah is going to try to get Parker to go to Prom with her instead of accepting Jason since Parker and Hannah just broke up. But since it’s not a Sadie Hawkins, Leah is worried that everyone will think she’s desperate for asking Parker instead of Parker asking her. Plus Parker already asked someone else even though he’s still devastated about Hannah.”

I should write a book, I know. You’re so impressed.

At my house, the only drama we had at “school” was whether or not someone did their American Literature assignment on time. And usually they did.

You say dull, I say delightful.

#2 Homeschooling allowed me to go at my own pace.

Kids at school have to go at the pace of the entire class. Even If you understand the concept, Jim doesn’t. So you’ll be going over the difference between WWI and WWII for the rest of the week.

It works the other way too. If I didn’t understand an algebraic equation (yes, home schoolers learn those too!) but Jim and the rest of the class got it, they moved on to the next lesson while I was stuck in the dust.

In homeschool, I could learn something at my own speed and then move on when I was ready instead of when Jim was ready. If I could learn about WWI in 2 hours, great. If it took me a week to learn how to solve one algebra problem, so be it. It was my pace, not Jim’s!

Ditch Jim and try homeschooling.

#3 Doing school in my PJ’sΒ was the bomb!

I can feel all the public schoolers glaring.

“You homeschoolers are just lazy!”

You public schoolers are just jealous.

#4 Homeschooling Provided A Safer Environment For Me to Learn.

School shootings. Just nerf guns.

Bullies. Sometimes siblings were annoying.

Peer pressure. Siblings trying to get me to watch Larry Boy instead of Narnia.

Drug hustling. Getting my mom some ibuprofen.

I had a pretty safe experience. XD


#5 Homeschooling allowed my parents to influence me instead of the kids at school teaching me what’s right and wrong.

Let’s face it. Kids are not always the best examples. Their brains aren’t even done developing.

There are exceptions. Not every public schooler is a delinquent that rebels against authority, morals, and all that is good. I had plenty of awesome public school friends that really helped me grow as a person. But more often than not, the kids at school were TERRIBLE influences.

Do YOU want to influence your children or do you want Jim or Hannah to?

Peer pressure is rampant in the public school and basically everywhere else to. Doing wrong and getting away with it is easier now more than ever. Teaching them at home allows you to control what they see at what age.

Homeschooling does NOT mean you’re sheltering your kids from the outside world forever and never letting them explore and have fun. It means you get a larger say on what influences them. As a parent, that should be a desire of yours!


#6 I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn!

“See! You homeschoolers are lazy!”

You say lazy, I say less tired.

You know you wanna join the club. Just admit it.

#7 Homeschooling allowed more time for me to do what I wanted to do!

If I wanted to learn under water basket weaving, I COULD!

If I wanted to start a business when I’m 12, I COULD! (My bro did… He started a lawn repair business out of our garage. Pretty boss if you ask me.)

If I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast, I COULD! (Debatable…)

If I wanted to go to something during school hours, I COULD!

Whatcha say to THAT Public Schooler??

There ya have it. 7 Things I LOVED about being homeschooled. It was the best school experience I’ve ever had. I did Public, Charter, Private, and Homeschool.

Homeschool ranked #1 hands down, no questions asked.

I know homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but maybe consider it? Ultimately do what’s best for your child, and if somehow that’s public school, I’m so sorry.

Share this post with all your friends whether homeschooled, public schooled, private schooled, or drop out!

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Ashley Tackett


4 thoughts on “7 Things I Loved About Being Homeschooled

  1. I say it’s homeschool

    Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy being homeschooled. It certainly has its positives. By doing dual credit, I was able have almost my first year of college done by time I graduated.

    The only reason I didn’t like it was because I feel like it left me ill-equipped to handle situations outside of education. I didn’t have the opportunity to learn how to deal with all the different kinds of people out there. For years, I only had to deal with my siblings, and that’s nothing compared to working with other people.

    Luckily for me, I was put into a unique situation the last year of high school, which gave me learning experiences over the years. But I see my siblings, who didn’t have what I did, and I see them suffering for it.

    Not that I’m saying homeschool is bad, but I feel like my parents didn’t handle it properly. I certainly want to homeschool my future kids.

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