5 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Single Christian

5 Things I've Learned As A Single Christian! Check out my blog post!

Being single is often viewed as a sad or lonely state of being. Because, as we all know, singles can’t possibly be happy in their singleness.

“Oh, you’re not in a relationship? I’m sorry! You’ll find love soon enough, I’m sure!”

“Bless your single little heart!”

“Why don’t you get in a relationship already? I need great-grandkids before I die!”

“Wow, I’ll be praying for you that God will bring by the right person for you to make you happy!”

“I’m SO sorry. You can be my bridesmaid if you want! Maybe you’ll get hitched with a groomsman!”

I’m sorry too. Sorry that single people have to take this garbage. I know it’s coming from a place of love. I’m not offended! I just wish people wouldn’t treat us singles like Sadness from Inside Out.

Today I want to share 5 things I’ve learned (so far!) as a single Christian. I’ve learned more than 5 things FOR SURE but I’ve narrowed it down today for your sake. You’re a busy person, I’m a busy person… So let’s get started!

#1. I don’t need a “significant other” to enjoy life!


The phrase significant other is so ridiculous…. I know it’s gender neutral but, for real, significant other?? I digress. If I was more progressive, I’d understand.

When I was a teenager, I thought having a relationship with an amazing guy someday would be the single greatest experience of my life. Just like any other stupid teen girl, I dreamed about having a boyfriend someday and feeling loved. My (ignorant) wish was to get married by 18-19 years old.

Yikes… Just writing these things makes me want to throw up! Teenage Ashley was so young and dumb. Thanks be to God that I wasn’t married that young.

*shudder* “Thank you Lord for saving my soul…” 

Anywho, now that I’m older (and still single) I’m so glad that God has kept me single thus far, if only to teach me that boys don’t bring joys and men don’t bring zen.

But a relationship with God has brought me happiness!

#2. Being single means more time!

Several of my friends are getting married this year. It’s kinda killing me inside every time I see a Facebook post with a ring. I’m just waiting patiently….

My life theme song is elevator music.

“God, I’m still on the waiting list for a husband right? Like you haven’t accidentally skipped over my name? Sweet, thanks…”

But I learned years ago that the ring means one thing…


Once you sacrifice yourself to this person in marriage, you’ve sacrificed your most valuable asset.

Your time. Me time. Free Time.  Degree time. Now you’ve got this other person to think about.

You’re married now.

Maybe this is a selfish lesson, but y’all…. It’s true. Think about all the opportunities single people have with their time! So quit crying and start flying. Plane ticket for one please!

#3. Whining about being single doesn’t speed up the process!


The temptation to whine at God and our friends about being all alone in the world is pretty strong sometimes when you’re single. It can feel good to vent and God doesn’t mind listening to us pour out our heart’s desire… But your friends might.

Perhaps you should limit yourself. Or silence yourself. Whichever.

If every prayer you have is overpowered by crying about being single, it’s time to get up and get active! Find something you’re passionate about and get moving! Wipe up the tears and start tearing into a project. Get your mind off of your love life woes for a while!

You’re so full of potential. Don’t waste it crying.

Fun fact: Having drive and motivation tends to make you more attractive, whereas crying in your Ben and Jerry’s while watching The Notebook  for the 1,000th time in a row could potentially turn people off.

Remember that.

#4 Singles have more time to develop friendships!

This doesn’t mean that once I’m married I won’t have friends. That would be lame.

All this means is I have more time to go out and do things with my friends and spend time with them that I won’t have as much of when I’m married with a family and stuff…

That last sentence was all over the place.

It all goes back to point number 2- MORE TIME!

Sleepovers, random day trips with your friends, and extra money for a movie night will become fewer and farther between once you’re married and have adult responsibilities.

If you’re married, can I get an amen??

Cherish your extra cash. I hear money has wings when you’re married.

#5 Serving God is often easier when you’re single!


There are some things you can do as a single that you can’t always do when your married. Some opportunities have to be turned down. Why?


Single people, learn this. Love this. Embrace this.

You can serve IN SO MANY PLACES as a single! There are camps, conferences, missions trips, and many other opportunities to spend your time serving God while you’re a Single Pringle. A Solo Rolo. A Lone Icecream Cone. I’m hungry…

Once your single years are over, you’ll never get them back, so spend your time serving God and earning treasures in Heaven NOW. The blessings of that service will last forever.

Win souls, serve others, and seek adventure!

And maybe you’ll meet your future spouse on the mission field!

There ya go, y’all! 5 lessons I’ve learned thus far as a single Christian girl! Hope you loved the post. Be sure to share it with all your single friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or wherever else single people spend their time!

Seek Adventure, Singles!

Ashley Tackett


One thought on “5 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Single Christian

  1. Those are really great points! Enjoy this time and the freedom that singlehood gives you to serve the Lord in different ways. Now, you have me wishing I was single (hehehe not really…( But that part about money and time sure is dreamy 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

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