Say No To Feminism

       Today we broach a subject of the touchiest and most sensitive kind. This subject is one that you will either say amen to or you’ll arrange my demise.

     The very word Feminism makes me sick. How do women fall for this stuff? Let’s get into it. If you’re a feminist and you even clicked on this, please read the whole thing before you judge me. I’m not here to judge people individually, but I have a lot to say about the movement and what it promotes and who it victimizes.
     I’m a woman, a female. I am feminine, but I am not a feminist. I don’t believe the lie that women are oppressed in this country. Nor that men are payed more because of patriarchy. I don’t believe that women should be ruling the world and men should try being a female so they understand the “oppression” we women go through. I don’t believe that toys are sexist. I don’t believe in white privilege or the black lives matter movement. These are some of the lies that feminists promote and I’ll have none of it.
     Feminists promote so many things that if I took the time to list it all, this post would be a book. I want to narrow into the idea that women are oppressed.
Let’s start with the definition of oppression.
     “To crush or burden under abuse of power or authority.”
     Soooooo women are crushed under authority of men? Is that what we’re going with? What about powerful, successful women like Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Ellen, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, every actress in America, and every other woman that has ever succeeded in this nation? They are not crushed, they are celebrated. Those people I listed are the heroines of feminism. Yet feminism says American women are oppressed. NO. THEY. ARE. NOT.
     Women in Muslim countries are oppressed. Women in India are oppressed. Women in America can hush. If you are able to show your face in public, you have more rights than women across the Middle East. If you can wear makeup, choose your own clothes, cut your hair, have a social life, have a job, drive a car, or even speak to a man that is not your husband, you have more rights than women in Muslim countries. Why aren’t feminists complaining about those women’s oppression?
     Maybe because we’re too focused on an imaginary “wage gap”. Or maybe it’s the “patriarchy”. Ladies, America doesn’t have a patriarchy. Muslim countries do. Women have equal opportunity in America, same as men.
     Feminists seem to think they can treat men badly and put them down just because of the patriarchy. Honey, if there was a patriarchy, you wouldn’t be allowed to stand up for your feminist ideas. You’d be silenced or maybe even killed for treating men the way hardcore feminists do.
     The American dream, the very reason people emigrate from all over the world, is equal opportunity for anyone and everyone of any background or gender to succeed and be what they want to be if they work hard. Other countries don’t have that. Ladies and gentlemen, we live in the greatest country on earth and yet we complain that we are oppressed. Land of the Free, home of the Brave- because of the Brave. The amount of time spent complaining about female oppression is offensive to all of those who lost their lives for this country’s freedom and all those men AND WOMEN who continue to fight for the things we take for granted everyday. We don’t deserve freedom if this is how we act. Women in this country need to stop being selfish, nit picky, and whiny, and start thinking of others who are not free like us. Feminism spreads entitlement. It’s a cancer in this nation. Women believe the lies and spread them. It’s time to stop. Let’s be the generation that end feminism as we know it today. Feminism had a time and place, but the issues they fought for have been resolved. Now its just whining.
     To all the ladies out there who believe the lies of feminism, you’ve been deceived. Yes, God created women to be underneath their husband’s authority. That’s God’s design and you’ll never be happy until you realize that. It’s not patriarchy. Most men do not desire you to fail miserably in life and serve their every whim. You have as many opportunities to succeed and be something in this country as the men do. You have some opportunities that men may not have. Opportunities to stay home with you’re kids, pay less for car insurance, join women’s only sports teams, or receive discounts at places just for being a woman. Just last night, we were bowling, and they had a promotion for women to bowl for free and men are only $7 on a certain night.
     Try counting your blessings and then maybe make a list of all the women who have made it in this country- both lists would be novels upon novels. We are so blessed in this country. God has been so merciful to us. So instead of believing you’re oppressed, go out into the world and prove that you aren’t! You can do anything you set your mind to in God’s will. Go be something great for God. Let the feminists keep whining about equal rights that are already equal. Those people just want something to whine about. They want to be victims and they want you to believe you are also a victim. What does being a feminist even do for solving your problems? They haven’t helped you, they’ve only made you feel worse about yourself and your gender. Make sure you do your research before believing what they say. God’s word is our authority and God puts lots of value on women.
Remember Philippians 4:13 KJV
“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”
     Feminism is a giant victim complex. Let them be mad about everything, while you’re off succeeding in this great nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.
Seek Adventure!
Ashley Tackett

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