Why I Didn’t Go To College

Every time I meet someone, I usually get this question in some form or fashion:

“So are you in school?”

… Nope, I’m not. I’m not against college at all! It just hasn’t worked out for me. I’ve tried to get into places, and God just always puts it on my heart to stop. Here are some reasons I have for not going to college.

1. I don’t desire a career.

College is way too expensive if you don’t plan on actually using your degree. My goals aren’t career-based enough to justify spending thousands of dollars and going into debt. It would not be a wise choice. I want to be a wife and mom some day. And when I’m paying the bills, I don’t want one of them to be a student loan bill for a degree I never made a career.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t spend money on myself very often. I go to Goodwill and cringe at a $10 shirt…. I’m cheap when it comes to spending money on myself. So college bills make me feel like I’m spending so much money that’s practically wasted!

In high school economics they teach you how to do a cost-benefit analysis. Basically weighing the pros and cons against the price of something. But then when your cost-benefit analysis says college isn’t the path for you, all of a sudden well meaning people jump in:

“You gotta trust God in this area, college is important.”

Or “You need a fall back plan just in case.”

Or “You need a college degree to get your life started in the right direction.”

Thanks, but no thanks, y’all. Starting out my life with thousands of dollars in debt does NOT sound like the right direction for me.

2. I want to live as debt free as possible.

Pretty self explanatory.

3. God told me no.

God showed me that the biggest reason I had for desiring college was just to satisfy the questions of others. It’s awkward when you have to explain to someone that you’re not in school. It makes you sound lazy or like you have no dream or plan for your life. People equate college with success.

Our society has it drilled in our heads that we can’t get anywhere in life without a college degree. People believe that you can’t get a good job without one and that you need to be set apart from the fray with your degree. That’s not true! That may have been true 30 years ago, but now everyone and their dog has a college degree. Who are they set apart from? My dad has no college degree and yet he is still Master Technician at a compressed air company. My grandpa has no college degree, yet he is the president of a pipe fitting company. You CAN be successful without a college degree!

God has a plan for everyone, and everyone’s plan is different. Yours may be a 4 year Christian college and that great! But mine isn’t. God has a different direction for me and I’m excited about it. It’s going to be an adventure whether or not I’m in college.

Seek Adventure!

Ashley Tackett


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