Lost And Found

Welcome back, Bienvenidos Amigos, to blog post numero cinco.
      Have you ever lost something? Duh, of course you have!…. It’s not just me right? Right. Yep. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself.
      I’ve been known to lose a couple of things one or twice… I’ve lost my phone while I was calling my mom from a friend’s house. The phone was literally in my hand, on my face… I’d been on the phone with Mom so long that I apparently got bored and started looking for my phone. Yeah, I’m what my friend Samantha would call “a special kind of stupid”.

      Don’t’ start judging me for that! I was young! People lose their sunglasses on their heads all the time. Good, smart, intelligent people. It happens to us all.
      Wanna know the best part about losing something?
You reading this post: “There’s a BEST part about losing something? Really?
      Me: ” Yes the BEST part, and if you wouldn’t interrupt me in the middle of my own blog post, maybe you’d learn something new.”
      You: “I feel like you are making this up as you go along. I just can’t think of one good thing that could come out of losing something.”
      Me: ” Well aren’t you pessimistic. I’m about to tell you something super profound and you’re ruining the moment with your questions and -“
      Reasonable Me: “Okay Ash, quit writing imaginary dialogue between you and your imaginary critics. This has gone on so long that people have probably forgot the point…”
Okay! The best part about losing something is… (This is going to be really profound)…
      Hold on! Don’t leave, I’m going somewhere with this.
      Have you ever lost money in the couch? Yeah you have, don’t deny it. Think back at how sad it was when (if) you noticed you were missing some money… it was sad right? If you weren’t sad, something’s wrong. We’ll pretend it’s a $100 so you’ll be really sad and my analogy will make sense.
      Now fast forward in time! *************** beeeeeep boooop time travel noises******
      You’re sitting on the couch (looks like future you hasn’t changed much). You’re watching Netflix when you drop the remote between the cushions!(One of those new thin apple TV remotes that disappear quicker than a magician’s rabbit.) You reach down into the abyss that probably violates some health codes and then you discover it….You found the money! How are you feeling now? Probably pretty great! You’d feel even better if you could find the remote and finish this series you’ve been binge watching… maybe you should take your money and go get something accomplished like grocery shopping. The Office can wait.
      That’s a really lame way to explain it, but that’s kinda how it feels when you lose friends who are moving away. You feel sad! You kinda hope that the moving truck gets a flat so that they’re delayed… and then maybe while they’re getting the flat fixed they’ll remember how great you are and decide to stay! But they end up forsaking you and time goes on. You live your life. They live theirs. Everyone gets busy and communication drops off slowly. It’s almost inevitable.
      … and then, one day, you come back into contact and you see them again!!! And you feel happiness unlike any other kind of happiness.
      Reunions are the best, aren’t they?
      My friend Chloe, and her parents, Jason and Jessica, have been our family’s friends FOREVER. We saw them almost every day when we were kids and our families were inseparable. They lived on the same street as us! We thought we’d always have them around! But things changed when their house caught on fire and eventually they moved to Oklahoma, 8 hours away. We didn’t really ever get to see them and contact dropped off after a while just from business and life.
      And that leads us up to last week when I started this blog. Mom decided to send Jess a message about it. I was able to get Chloe’s number and we caught up and realized that, even though we haven’t seen each other in YEARS and she’s 6 years younger than me, we have a lot to talk about! Eventually Chloe managed to convince Jess to come down and see us and they’ll be with us Monday and Tuesday! GLORY!
      When we lose something, it can be sad. But the best part of losing something is the joy of finding it later on down the road. Sometimes you lose friends, but there’s usually a chance your paths will cross again. And best of all, if you’re both Christians, you can know for sure you’ll see them again- On one side of Glory or the other. 🙂
      Heaven will be FULL of reunions!
Seek Adventure!
Ashley Tackett
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      Bonus application! We can apply this same thinking to our salvation. We were lost because of our sin. But, if we’re christians, we’ve been found! What a glorious reunion we’ll have in heaven with our Creator!!!!
(The bonus application could have been the main application, but I felt like the example I used was too shallow for the most glorious reunion every Christian will ever have- the reunion with God.)

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