99 Problems But Faith Ain’t One

You guys…. My day yesterday could have been categorized as a pretty irritating day.

Let’s talk about the struggle, shall we?

First things first, my car has been sitting broken in the driveway for about…. eternity. Because of this, it had not been registered or inspected. Registration, for me, goes out in January. I went yesterday and got the inspection (which I passed!). This surprised me because my windshield wipers looked less than amazing…. Anyways, so then I go to Kroger to get registration done.

Long story short, they can’t process my registration because it went out in January and it’s JULY now. This means I get to pay a visit to the happiest place on earth:

The courthouse.Β So that’s just awesome. There goes a day of my life I’ll never get back. If you’ve ever paid a trip to the courthouse, you know how much I’m dreading it.

Then my radiator leaks.

Then dinner over flows. (This is why I’ll never be like Pioneer woman)

Then my dad drops my phone off the bar and the screen shatters. #dadoftheyearaward

You may be wondering why I’m sharing all this and why I think you even care. Well the point is that it sure seems like Satan is fighting what I’m doing!

Opposition comes when you’re trying to do right. Satan doesn’t want me serving God by faith. He wants to convince me that it’s scary and unpredictable- That I can’t control things anymore and I should be “smart” and go find something more reliable.

More reliable than GOD??? No way!

God allows these little irritations to make me stronger. Like the little oyster when some sand gets inside of his shell and irritates it to no end. Once the irritation is over, that little puny oyster will produce a beautiful pearl. Sometimes when God allows the irritations, we don’t handle it with grace and we forfeit the pearl that could’ve been produced through our trials. I don’t want to forfeit any pearls!

Ultimately, going to the courthouse is just one of those things adults have to do. As much as I hate the place and it’s depressing atmosphere, it’s really not that big of a deal. I’m just rejoicing that I am able to live in a country where I can own a car- even if that car is a stuck up high maintenance BMW.

The radiator leak was easily fixed! Praise God I didn’t have to purchase another radiator! I may have had a harder time handling my emotions…. πŸ˜‰

My phone is pretty terrible looking, but the touch screen still works! And I only have a couple shards of glass in my hands! Just kidding πŸ™‚ It’s a really good thing that my phone upgrades in about 30 days, so I only have a short time to deal with it. Dad apologized and I cooked him dinner anyways. πŸ˜‰

The point is, Satan is going to continue to rain on my parade. And yours! But God is using all things for good (Romans 8:28). I’ll be just fine and so will my car.

Seek Adventure!

Ashley Tackett

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One thought on “99 Problems But Faith Ain’t One

  1. You are very wise. I need to take your advice too. Satan doesn’t want God’s people to live with joy and victory. He doesn’t want us to shine light in the darkness…but we can’t let him win those victories. Hugs


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